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You walk on stage; you see faces of the people, frozen in a momentum of anticipation of the first couple of notes. You sit behind the piano; look at the keyboard and begin a musical story. For me that story is the essence of why I started playing music.

I was lucky to find in early age this beautiful instrument and open the doors to the incredibly rich world of music. It has no boundaries of how you want to tell a story, or as a matter of fact what story you want to tell in a first place. But through the years and the experience of the stage and public, it downed on me that perhaps it influences people in audience very much as well, if not even more. That may be it’s not a mere entertainment for them: all the emotions, desires, pains and feelings contained in those couple of minutes of music. Very often I have seen people listening to a particular concert finding redemption, or a memory, or hope, or simply peace for at least an hour and a half. It’s like magic, how else would you call it?  Once I realized that for a fact, my whole view and purpose of music changed. It became a never-ending source of inspiration and the audience – rather than intruders – became guests into my world. So there it was – a fixed idea to find a way to connect and explore as much as possible that new found responsibility. The beauty of it is that Music is an endless spectrum of possibilities. I had the good fortune to be introduced to jazz and improvised music by incredible musicians, who have shown me another point of view of expressing the inner world. However nowadays there is enormous amount of information thrown at people, many “innovations” have been dumped on their ears, sadly with the ambition of recognition rather than sense. Many styles have been fused, many experiments have been made. However as a classical musician one of the most important principles for me was always respecting the composer’s vision. Knowing how sacred and personal my own personal message is on stage, honoring composer’s entity of his work and style were always very essential to me. Therefore there was the idea of a project that combines the close connection with the public, introducing several styles of music, but respecting their origins. I had the blessing to find this wonderful Guitar trio “Dumitrio” that I believe has a very precious, innovative sound and approach. As a result everything came together perfectly – a concert where I could personally welcome our guests from the stage, make them feel at home, prepare them for the journey – a musical story of classical compositions and vital improvised original music; a concert that gives its public anything they would need – questions or answers –  and leaves them with a precious memory.

Tsarina Marinkova

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